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The total market demand in the U.S. commercial and government construction industry sector is huge. It is estimated that the total demand was $884 billion for fiscal year 2010. Even with UGG's expected modest-scale growth due to its contacts and reputation, the market is so large that, by the end of 2013, UGG's projected market share for the mid Atlantic region will increase by 30%.

UGG has a focus on meeting the development demand for urban located properties.  UGG will hope to bid on government projects as resources permit with federal government contracts as the focus for sustained growth

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Management Team

UGG's management consists of Mr. Larry G Paige II, PhD. Mr. Paige will concentrate on client contacts and bidding along with overall management of the company. Mr. Darren Sperling, is the company's steel and building erection General Project Manager coordinating all project management and concentrating on cost controls, suppliers, day-to-day project supervision, labor relations, etc

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Direct supervision of all work at the job site

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Quality control

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Insuring that all work is performed in accordance with all OSHA guidelines

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Scheduling subcontractors and material deliveries

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Our mission is to provide Client’s a truly competitive option by being the preferred integrator of diverse construction design build resources that encompass the best LBs, SBs, academia and laboratories

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Team Members

Mr. Anthony Jerdine


Mr. Jerdine has worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Prior to Co-Founding the Foundation Wealth Trust Group Mr. Jerdine began in historic rehabilitation development, then worked for several years as Senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm specializing in multi-family development

Larry G. Paige II

Managing Director

Larry G Paige II is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer and possesses a diverse background in Department of Defense logistics and analytics. Dr. Paige has more than 25-years of consulting and system-implementation experience creating enterprise solutions for clients throughout the United States and interna-tionally.His degrees and certifications

Amin Sahil


Amin sahil has work in financial managements, as CPA and book keeping of many companies.Amin sahil did work for united global group 42buildings as record keeping and book keeping of the companies and management of all the websites of united global group


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The Client’s community can be sure that the phrase, “your interests come first” is not an empty slogan - it is our corporate charter as a for profit organization that will blend into a nonprofit construction firm to operate in the public good. We will never subordinate Client’s interests to profits or other commercial influences. Our key measure of effectiveness is lives changed during the project and after the project.

As a Small Business Service Disabled Veteran Owned firm, another company cannot acquire UGG as our amended directions will seek Hybrid for-profit and non-profit status under revised Virginia Law. We have seen how our perspective Client’s have been impacted when a company goes through a merger and acquisition that impacted the performance of tasks because the Prime Contractor ceased to exist. This cannot occur with UGG Global View and direction.

The UGG community will not have to sacrifice quality support for corporate profit. UGG’s low fees and fair profit margins will result in more hours of direct labor, yielding higher quality work. As demonstrated, our commitment to this direction, full reporting and disclosure of company officers individual financials will be made available to our perspective clients, although not required.

UGG will facilitate transferring UGG’s and our Teammates’ innovative construction capabilities, particularly those of our SBs, laboratories and academics, to meet client needs. Also, as a hybrid for-profit/non-profit, we have the ability to pursue innovative solutions and approaches even though they may not meet conventional profit-maximizing metrics.

Because we have a highly experienced Program Management Office (PMO), proven processes and tools, and a history of successfully managing large teams, we will be able to significantly exceed clients evolving needs and insights during the course of a project.


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